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Towards a systemic industrialization of tech innovation in MENA


Common Intelligence

to expedite the evolution

of tech innovation in MENA

"We develop what can push tech innovation in MENA to become a systemic industry.
We make it accessible publicly for policymakers, investors and tech founders.

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Market Difficulty Report 2024

The real hurdle in front of startups in MENA is how open customers are to working with startups.

You can enter a sector with huge TAM only to discover that there isn't enough business given to startups to grow and scale. Moreover, you find yourself competing with other startups over a small leftover of the market pie.

In this seminal report, we provide insight on investor demand, customer demand and competition among startups in 30 sectors in MENA.

For a tech founder, this will save you 18 months of runway and cash on market discovery. We also provide how-to guidelines on how to act if you find out that you are in a difficult sector.

For a policymaker, this will tell you which sectors need your attention.
Investor Demand and Market Demand For Tech Startups In MENA 2024
How many investors allocate in each sector
How to use this knowledge to estimate customer demand for tech startups in each sector in a reliable way
How the current way of using capital raised to estimate market difficulty for startups is misleading
Includes worked out figures as of Jan 2024
How Difficult It Is To Compete As A Tech Startups In MENA 2024

How many startups are there in each sector
How many fail
How to use this knowledge to estimate competition difficulty with in a reliable way
Includes worked out figures as of Jan 2024
MENA Startup Market Difficulty Map 2024
List of 30 sectors in MENA ranked by difficulty for startups, based on demand, supply and competition level
Visual map: Market Difficulty Map
Includes worked out figures as of Jan 2024
What To Do If You’re In A Difficult Sector
5 different strategies on how to use the insights from the Market Difficulty Map to guide your pivot, role or job switch
Includes worked out figures as of Jan 2024
Market Difficulty for Each Sector in MENA 2024
One-card summary for each sector, containing information on its customer and investor demand, its level of competition between startups, and its population of startups
Includes worked out figures as of Jan 2024
  • MENA Tech Startup Market Difficulty Report 2024 cover
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Content Creator Brief

Clearworld Best Practices

Early Stage Investor

Deciding On Investment Thesis In 2024 Market

Capital flow shapes up market forces. Focusing on target industries data to pitch to LPs, and neglecting what other investors do in the actual market, may cause many surprises.

This guidebook demonstrates how to use data insights in the MENA tech investment market to tweak your thesis and eliminate later surprises.
How the Tech Investment Market Works in MENA 2024
What is the actual MENA market
Who invests besides VCs
Market sizing: investment firms, tech companies and market cap
The Context That Is Shaping Market Forces Behavior Today
What makes MENA tech ventures attractive today
How Saudi SWFs capital injection impacted the market cycle
How investors behavior adapted to it: co-investing, basic strategy
Investor preference for sectors in MENA
Market sentiment: growth stock or quick exit?
Total size of illiquid asset in MENA tech
Common exit paths in MENA PE
Common Investment Thesis in MENA 2024
What is the common investment thesis and strategy in MENA early stage in 2024
What is the common approaches funds use to action the common strategy in MENA
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Clearworld Data Handbook

Early Stage Investor
Tech founder

The MENA Early Stage Data Handbook 2023

The biggest and most ambitious source on industry insights in MENA venture capital history.

This is the first source to cover MENA startup valuation benchmarks. It is also the first to provide benchmarking data on founder dilution, failure and success rates, and holding period from seed to series A to series B.
Where and what stage are the active startups in MENA in 2023
Breaks down the pipeline of active startups by stage and country
What is the quality of the pipeline of MENA startups in 2023
What proportion of pipeline is startup and what proportion is SME
What are the success and failure rates of MENA startups
Success and failure rates of pre-seed, seed, and series A startups, as well as by country
Premoney valuation benchmarks in MENA 2023
Premoney valuation at seed stage, and experimentally at series A and series B, as well as by country
Dilution, co-Investing, ticket size, and holding period benchmarks in MENA, UAE, Saudi and Egypt in 2023
There is simply no other source available as of 2023 who provides this level of visibility on MENA early stage data and venture lifecycle in MENA, UAE, Saudi and Egypt.
  • The MENA Early Stage Data Handbook 2023 by Clearworld - Valuation and Benchmarks
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What is Common Intelligence

Common Intelligence (CI) is MENA's first private sector economic development initiative to empower guided economic activity in tech innovation, tech investment and policy through public availability of highest quality market insights.

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Set a new collective bar of data-informedness in all operations in MENA tech innovation, investment and policy across all economic participants.

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