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What we Do

We identify missing vital decision assets, develop them for use in our models.
We use scientific data models to inform government policy and business decisions, create quantifiable clarity and feed it into extremely fast real-world execution pilot projects.
We specialize in orphaned strategy situations: when an idea or a strategic intent exists and our client has no data or clue on what to do next. We help.
We do this in four activities:
Consulting for government economic development in tech and digital economy
Consulting for tech investment funds
Develop high quality insight reports
Our own in-house data science R&D

Our Practices

For Government

Minister, Head Office

Provide insights for data-informed decision-making
Inform the design and direction of national strategy on tech and digital economy

Economic Development

Develop and pilot closed-loop economies initiatives
Develop and pilot public and PPP initiatives in digital and knowledge economies
Structure and guide time-critical go-to-market execution

Future Economic Development

Discover and develop the foundations to anchor an identified economic value in the future today (10+ year horizon)

Our clients

Dubai Future FoundationDubai Economy and Tourism (D33 Agenda)Dubai Centre for Artificial Intelligence

For tech innovation and investment funds

Fund Lifecycle Value-Add

Inform fund's investment strategy based on what other investors do in MENA
Inform portfolio construction
Inform investment screening and due diligence

Venture Portfolio Benchmarking

Evaluate fund's performance against the MENA market

Tech Companies, Ventures and Startups Value-Add

Visibility on investor and market demand for the company in MENA
Estimate company's success chances and survival rate
Estimate and benchmark fundraising operations and deal terms

Corporate Innovation

Align a venture arm strategy with corporate objectives

Our clients

Dubai Future FoundationDubai Centre for Artificial Intelligence

Economic Insight Reporting

We specialize in handling areas where minimal visibility is available in current industry and economy literature.

Advise, Design and Develop High Quality Insight Reports

Methodology development
Statistical inference, insight model and data narrative development
Data visualization selection and implementation
Quality control

Our clients

Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy

Our Clients

Our clients and organizations who used our value

Dubai Future FoundationDubai Economy and Tourism (D33 Agenda)Dubai Centre for Artificial IntelligenceDubai Chamber of Digital Economy
As it is our role by design, all our work successfully delivered at least one economic insight that had not existed in MENA history before to inform the decisionmaker.

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