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What we Did

Summary timeline of Clearworld milestones, highlighting what can be disclosed.


First iteration of a data framework to study and predict venture activity in MENA

The report article is featured on Medium. You can view it on this link.


UAE Startup Access To Capital 2010-2020 is published

The first source in history to explore investor-side behavior in MENA venture capital.
Startup Report MENA is the most extensive analysis done on UAE venture market before the 2020 pandemic.


First client to gain value from the new Clearworld Model

Analysis and field research of the venture market in Saudi to help decide infrastructure investment.
Clearworld Model is validated.

Clearworld is founded in Dubai

First client of Clearworld

Dubai cross-government economic development in venture and digital economy with focus on growth stage.


MENA Early Stage Data Handbook is launched

The first source on early stage benchmarks and valuations in MENA history.
Significant positive response from the market.
Unique user downloads
In the first
500 unique user downloads in 5 days from organic traffic, in a market of 3400 companies.

Policymaker Assets is launched

The first study in history of the MENA venture economy targeting policymakers.
In-depth analysis of the Saudi SWF capital supply shock and its expected ramifications.

July: Clearworld publicly predicts the date of the first unicorn in Saudi

The founding of Dubai Centre for AI, the first of its kind in MENA

Clearworld is given the honor and trust to co-develop the initiative, then design, develop, launch and deputy direct the Centre with a solid team from the Dubai Future Foundation.
Make sure to check the Centre's historic execution performance.
AI companies brought to Dubai
Countries of origin
Pilot projects launched with gov

Clearworld Best Practices is launched

Collection of know-how and benchmark assets to guide tech investors and tech founders on using insights in their operations and decisions, with demonstration using 2023 data for 2024 insights.
The first of its kind in MENA.

Nov and Dec: Clearworld's prediction comes true
The first unicorns in Saudi are born

Date and the exact process match our prediction published in July 2023 with 100% accuracy.

Common Intelligence is announced

The final phase of our public effort. The first private-sector economic development initiative in MENA built to push tech innovation become a systemic industry.
It has under it the MENA Early Stage Data Handbook, Policymaker Assets and Clearworld Best Practices.

What we Will Be

Inspire a generation of nation builders who possess the highest standards of data-informed decision-making and highest speed of execution in the face of any uncertainty.

MENA is our home.
Building our home is not a gig.

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Our initiative to expedite the evolution of tech innovation in MENA has three collections:
MENA Early Stage Data Handbook
MENA Tech Startup Market Difficulty Report
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Policymaker Assets
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