Successfully Predicted the Date When Saudi's First Unicorns Will Be Born 5 Months Before It Happened.

Clearworld Model

Know about our core IP to understand MENA tech markets.

Clearworld Model

Our IP to make inferences about economic activity possible in limited-visibility markets

Heavily researched and developed since 2019, Clearworld Model is designed to treat extreme noise in markets that have low volume, low cap and limited data due to a tendency among market participants not to disclose complete information, or any information by some participants, on their activities, and a near complete absence of reference literature.

We designed the Model to take input data from any database.

It uses 240 ETL operations and 160 enriched features to make statistically-sound inference and scientific research into such markets possible and reliable.

Clearworld Model is a generalized data enrichment model, with MENA tech and venture markets being a special case we explore as our priority subject matter.

MENA Tech Datasets Used For Our Published Works

As of Jan 2024

MENA tech ventures 4,120
Control group: Non-tech companies of similar sizes 7,772


MENA based investors 834
Non-MENA based investors active in MENA 994


By MENA companies 4,061
By non-MENA companies with MENA investors 2,224



Clearworld Model

Use Cases

How Can the Model Help You

Clearworld Model has been repeatedly used to provide actionable insight in 17 use cases.

17 Tried and Proven Use Cases of Clearworld Model

The following use cases have been implemented at professional capacity (2021-2024)

3 Use Cases for Policymaker

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Design and Direct National Strategy

Gain insight to guide economic activity in tech innovation and tech investment towards achieving your national agenda for tech, digital economy, startups or unicorns.

Visibility To Quantify Economic Return On Projects

Form basic input information such as market size and population change in economic participants, to in-depth trends in economic activities such as foreign investor base growth and churn rates.

Inform Interventions and Incentives Design

Uncover areas of strength and weakness in your local market to inform intervention plans and design incentive schemes

7 Use Cases for Tech Investor

VC, PE, Fund of Funds, Accelerator

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Know What Other Investors Do In MENA

Understand the trends in Investor activity in MENA to bridge your competitive advantage gap or shorten the time you need to compete in the market.

Benchmark Your Fund's Performance

Compare your fund's performance against the MENA average or top performers.

Inform Your Deal Sourcing Operations

Estimate the human capital and time required for you to complete your deployment phase, based on volume and quality of the pool which matches your target company profile today in MENA.

Inform Your Fund's Strategy and Portfolio Construction

Which countries and sectors generate higher quality deal flow and at what stages, how to best compete over that pipeline.

Estimate Your Fund's Returns and Time Your Exit

Benchmarking is the strongest feature of the Clearworld Model. Input data for IRR, MOIC, and everything from round size, holding period estimates, success and failure rates, to more complex and customized analyses.

Inform Your Decision To Follow-on

Know the common characteristics in startups who perform better after they graduate from your investment stage and you lose control over them.

Programs and Accelerators: Estimate Your Target Pipeline

Estimate how many startups you are likely to end up with at your target stage, sector or country. Estimate the human capital and time required for you to complete the line-up.

7 Use Cases for Tech Founder

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Know If Your Fundraising Ask Is Possible In MENA

Are you asking for too much, or too little?

Time Your Next Fundraise

Know when it is considered too late to seek funding at your stage.

Anticiptate the Deal Terms You Are Likely To Get

From expected number of investors you need to close, to how much equity they are likely to ask, to what valuation you are likely to receive. Benchmarked to MENA.

Estimate the Growth Multiple Future Investors Will Want to See

Benchmarking is the strongest feature of the Clearworld Model. Input data to estimate valuation difference from stage to stage and derive annualized revenue tranches.

Know If There Is Demand For Your Company

Investor demand tends to indicate consumer demand: investors don't invest in tech that has no market need. Clearworld Model has reliably provided this insight.

Find Tech Talent Who Know Your Business

Which countries have a pool of engineers that tech companies similar to yours use.

Estimate Your Survival Chances In MENA

For your current company or before you build a new company. This is based on MENA average, top and low performers.

We're Open To Discovering With You

We continue to explore more ways to maximize the Model's real world value.

Though we have our own R&D process to test the limits of Clearworld Model, we only roll out new use cases in a professional engagement with a client or a partner.

Clearworld Model

used it

Where Did the Model Add Real World Value

Clearworld Model is our go-to tool to solve previously unanswered questions on tech behavior and tech investment in MENA — for us and for our clients.

Publicly Available Works

Common Intelligence

All of our reports under Common Intelligence are built on Clearworld Model.

UAE Startup Access To Capital 2010-2020 at Startup Report MENA is built on an earlier version of Clearworld Model.
  • The MENA Early Stage Data Handbook 2023 by Clearworld - Valuation and Benchmarks

Organizations Who Used Our Value

Dubai Future FoundationDubai Economy and Tourism (D33 Agenda)Dubai Centre for Artificial IntelligenceDubai Chamber of Digital Economy

Clearworld Model

Track Record

Public Predictions Made Using Clearworld Model

Clearworld made the first public prediction in 2023, successfully predicting the date and exact process of when and how the first Saudi unicorns will be born.

The Date and Process of When and How Saudi’s First Unicorn Will Be Announced 5 Months Before It Happened

Published in July 2023
Happened in Nov-Dec 2023

In 2021, analysis using Clearworld Model hinted that 6-7 years after 2017 will see significant increase in Saudi growth and late stage deals.

In 2022, analysis using Clearworld Model showed a definitive holding behavior of Saudi venture positions starting from series A.

in July 2023, triangulating these signals with global state-backed unicorn creation behavior, as well as GCC government decisionmaking patterns, we published a detailed prediction of the date and manner in which the first Saudi unicorns will be announced in our first Policymaker Resources report.

In Nov and Dec 2023, this prediction came true with 100% accuracy.

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