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Who we are

If you're a tech fund manager in MENA, you have no clue what size your fund should be or what success rates to expect. So you guess based on US market data.
If you're a policymaker, you have no clue how many active funds or startups are in your market. You have budget for initiatives, you don't know what this sector needs, you end up running hackathons. You want a list of your top 100 tech, you end up with scraps.
This is the visibility gap.

Visibility Gap

in specific
economic sectors
in Dubai and MENA

No useful data

If data exists, insights don't. Data is waste.

Always from square zero

New projects have to start from scratch every time. Costly, slow to market, infinite double work.

Good decision
is lucky

Good decisions have but random chance, rarely repeatable.

This is the visibility gap in specific economic sectors in Dubai and MENA.

This is the visibility gap in specific economic sectors in Dubai and MENA.

No useful data

If data exists, insights don't.

Always from square zero

New projects have to start from scratch every single time.
Costly, slow to market, infinite double work.

Good decision is lucky

Good decisions have but random chance, rarely repeatable.

We fix the visibility gap
in Dubai and MENA
since 2021.

We fix the visibility gap in Dubai and MENA since 2021.

We fix


In Dubai and MENA since 2021

What qualifies us to work on this

Over 15 years in SME economic development in MENA
2009 - 2017
With Japan's ODA office to transfer the economic know-how and capitalist economic development initiatives to government officials from MENA. Collaboration between Ministry of Foreign Affairs, METI, JETRO and JICA.
Since 2017
With government and semi-government in UAE, Oman and Saudi on developing the tech and digital economy, extending the focus on tech and venture capital.

What we Do

We identify missing vital decision assets, develop them for use in our models.
We use scientific data models to inform government policy and business decisions, create quantifiable clarity and feed it into extremely fast real-world execution pilot projects.
We specialize in orphaned strategy situations: when an idea or a strategic intent exists and our client has no data or clue on what to do next. We help.
We do this in four activities:
Consulting for government economic development in tech and digital economy
Consulting for tech investment funds
Develop high quality insight reports
Our own in-house data science R&D

Our Practices

For Government

Minister, Head Office

Provide insights for data-informed decision-making
Inform the design and direction of national strategy on tech and digital economy

Economic Development

Develop and pilot closed-loop economies initiatives
Develop and pilot public and PPP initiatives in digital and knowledge economies
Structure and guide time-critical go-to-market execution

Future Economic Development

Discover and develop the foundations to anchor an identified economic value in the future today (10+ year horizon)

Our clients

Dubai Future FoundationDubai Economy and Tourism (D33 Agenda)Dubai Centre for Artificial Intelligence

For tech innovation and investment funds

Fund Lifecycle Value-Add

Inform fund's investment strategy based on what other investors do in MENA
Inform portfolio construction
Inform investment screening and due diligence

Venture Portfolio Benchmarking

Evaluate fund's performance against the MENA market

Tech Companies, Ventures and Startups Value-Add

Visibility on investor and market demand for the company in MENA
Estimate company's success chances and survival rate
Estimate and benchmark fundraising operations and deal terms

Corporate Innovation

Align a venture arm strategy with corporate objectives

Our clients

Dubai Future FoundationDubai Centre for Artificial Intelligence

Economic Insight Reporting

We specialize in handling areas where minimal visibility is available in current industry and economy literature.

Advise, Design and Develop High Quality Insight Reports

Methodology development
Statistical inference, insight model and data narrative development
Data visualization selection and implementation
Quality control

Our clients

Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy

Our Clients

Our clients and organizations who used our value

Dubai Future FoundationDubai Economy and Tourism (D33 Agenda)Dubai Centre for Artificial IntelligenceDubai Chamber of Digital Economy
As it is our role by design, all our work successfully delivered at least one economic insight that had not existed in MENA history before to inform the decisionmaker.

What we Did

Summary timeline of Clearworld milestones, highlighting what can be disclosed.


First iteration of a data framework to study and predict venture activity in MENA

The report article is featured on Medium. You can view it on this link.


UAE Startup Access To Capital 2010-2020 is published

The first source in history to explore investor-side behavior in MENA venture capital.
Startup Report MENA is the most extensive analysis done on UAE venture market before the 2020 pandemic.


First client to gain value from the new Clearworld Model

Analysis and field research of the venture market in Saudi to help decide infrastructure investment.
Clearworld Model is validated.

Clearworld is founded in Dubai

First client of Clearworld

Dubai cross-government economic development in venture and digital economy with focus on growth stage.


MENA Early Stage Data Handbook is launched

The first source on early stage benchmarks and valuations in MENA history.
Significant positive response from the market.
Unique user downloads
In the first
500 unique user downloads in 5 days from organic traffic, in a market of 3400 companies.

Policymaker Assets is launched

The first study in history of the MENA venture economy targeting policymakers.
In-depth analysis of the Saudi SWF capital supply shock and its expected ramifications.

July: Clearworld publicly predicts the date of the first unicorn in Saudi

The founding of Dubai Centre for AI, the first of its kind in MENA

Clearworld is given the honor and trust to co-develop the initiative, then design, develop, launch and deputy direct the Centre with a solid team from the Dubai Future Foundation.
Make sure to check the Centre's historic execution performance.
AI companies brought to Dubai
Countries of origin
Pilot projects launched with gov

Clearworld Best Practices is launched

Collection of know-how and benchmark assets to guide tech investors and tech founders on using insights in their operations and decisions, with demonstration using 2023 data for 2024 insights.
The first of its kind in MENA.

Nov and Dec: Clearworld's prediction comes true
The first unicorns in Saudi are born

Date and the exact process match our prediction published in July 2023 with 100% accuracy.

Common Intelligence is announced

The final phase of our public effort. The first private-sector economic development initiative in MENA built to push tech innovation become a systemic industry.
It has under it the MENA Early Stage Data Handbook, Policymaker Assets and Clearworld Best Practices.

With passion and strict work ethic

How we Work

Our methodology

Clearworld Model is our main IP. It is built to treat extreme noise in markets that have low volume, low cap and limited information due to a tendency among market participants not to disclose full details.

With Clearworld Model we were able to predict the date of when Saudi's first unicorn companies will be born 5 months before it happened.

Our 3 Guiding Principles

Insight With Uncompromising Quality

Maximize Data-Informed Decisions

We are the only firm in MENA that maximizes data-informedness to provide decision insight and management support.

Scientific Method

We take inspiration from the standard scientific method to ensure quality and reliability.

100% Completion Rate

To maintain our 100% completion rate record, we follow a Japanese-inspired mix of strict work ethic and taking only the engagements we are certain we can deliver.

Surgical, High-Speed Execution

Momentum First

Momentum is most crucial in new initiatives. In pilot projects, we identify short-term targets to capture in quick succession. We then use the momentum to set the track for longer term objectives.

Extremely Fast Time To Market

All of our pilot projects are designed with a well-contained surgical scope with quantifiable objectives and economic substance.

Clarity Is A Pure Value

No 200-page filler material

Insight's true value is in the decision you make using it, and our work makes sure you can see that true value clearly and quickly.

No 50-axis inexecutable strategy decks

Insight that cannot be actioned is a form of waste that we strictly avoid.

Not a single word that lacks substance

We avoid buzzwords and lengthy re-stating of the obvious.

No fleeting trends

Economic substance must be articulated clearly for anything to have true value.

What we Will Be

Inspire a generation of nation builders who possess the highest standards of data-informed decision-making and highest speed of execution in the face of any uncertainty.

MENA is our home.
Building our home is not a gig.

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MENA Early Stage Data Handbook
MENA Tech Startup Market Difficulty Report
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